Church Services in South West Gower


Sunday services first with Wednesday and Thursday services at the end.

Sunday services                                            LS=Livestream  

January 2022PenriceLlandewiReynoldstonOxwichPort EynonRhossili
Sunday 2nd January08.30 Communion09.00 Communion10.00 Communion10.00 Communion10.15 New Year celebration LS 
Sunday 9th January  10.00 Communion for the Baptism of Christ.  Also available on Zoom.  Service at Reynoldston rather than Rhossili
Sunday 16th January08.30 Communion 10.00 Communion10.00 Communion10.15  Morning Worship LS 
Sunday 23rd January08.30  Communion09.00  Communion10.00 Morning Worship10.00  Communion10.15 Worship and Music  LS 
Sunday 30th January     10.00 Parish Service for Candlemas
February 2022PenriceLlandewiReynoldstonOxwichPort EynonRhossili
Sunday 6th February08.30  Communion08.30  Communion10.00 Communion10.00 Morning Worship10.15 Communion (LS) 
Sunday 13th February     10.00 Parish Communion
Sunday 20th February08.30  Communion 10.00 Communion10.00 Communion10.15  Morning Worship (LS) 
Sunday 27th February08.30  Communion09.00  Communion10.00  Morning Worship10.00  Communion10.15 Worship and Music (LS) 

Weekday services                                                                                                          
Every Wednesday 9.30am            Communion                   Zoom

Wed 16 February    9.30am           Communion                  Llandewi

There is also a Prayer Gathering every Thursday at 10am in Reynoldston Methodist Chapel.         

Zoom ID: 581 242 2678 Passcode: 404890 Telephone 0203 481 5237

Livestream (LS) You Tube St Cattwg’s Gower Live Stream Prayer Gathering : ID 828 8299 4483 Passcode 369530                                                


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