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Save the Lamplighter!

As many of you know the Lamplighter has served the community for 27 years as a coffeeshop/bookshop/giftshop and has been at the heart of the community of Bishopston but also the Gower Ministry Area as a whole. The presence has been reaffirmed throughout this year whilst we have struggled with the pandemic and although we had a short period of opening we have acted as a community hub for the Isolation Support Group. Now we find ourselves facing anew and unexpected challenge as the owners of the Lamplighter are looking to sell the property. This comprises simply of the shop itself as the upstairs flat is privately owned. This has come out of the blue and we are now faced with the raising of possible the asking price in the region of £125,000.00. As Vicar I have approached the Church in Wales but sadly they are not in a position to purchase the property on our behalf.

So this is why I am now going out in faith and asking the following.

a) Is there a generous benefactor out there who would purchase the Lamplighter shop for us so we may continue in the vital work of being a place for the community to gather as well as providing a service to the community.

b) Are there a number of people out there who could gift/loan the capital to invest in the property long term with no immediate return on the investment as we continue to trade through difficult recovery times.

c) Is there a wider group of people out there (considerably wider and larger) who could crowd fund the purchase of the property to again enable us to continue this vital work and presence.

Now this is a tall ask at such a difficult time and I apologise if this request offends anyone but I believe the Lamplighter is a vital part of our community and as Vicar of the Parish of Three Cliffs it would be remiss of me not to explore every possibility on behalf of the Lamplighter Committee and Trustees to enable this community asset to continue to be in existence now and in the future.

If you want to discuss this further an in total confidence please contact me.

Rev Canon Peter Brooks – 01792232928

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