Planning the Walk.


The Gower Pilgrimage Way is a supporter of the ‘One Planet’ sustainability initiative
Walkers are urged to make use of reusable water bottles and coffee mugs, reuse and recycle printed matter and use public transport whenever possible


Walking is a low impact activity that offers many health benefits and is generally a safe way to exercise. However, there are safety and environmental issues to consider. The National Trust website offers the top 10 safety tips for exploring the outdoors.

Hospitality, refreshments and toilets.

There are usually facilities at either start or end points of stages or both but not always.
Relevant information is included on the detailed description of each stage of the walk.


None of the sections or stages of sections of the overall walk are circular walks and transport will be required back to start points. A two car solution is a possible solution or walkers may use local bus services. However, Gower is a rural area, and the frequency of such services may not be convenient. As an alternative, the following are some of the local taxi services:

Pilgrim Passport

Walkers will be able to have ‘pilgrim passports’ stamped at each church, to mark their visit, just as on the famous Camino de Santiago de Compostela in Spain. Hard copies of the passport will be available from the churches and also downloaded below. The relevant stamp for each church will be located in a box at or near the church door. In some cases it may be attached to a nearby tree. Where churches are open, it may be inside.

Stamp Box

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