St David’s, Llandewi

St David’s, Llanddewi, SA3 1AU

The church is said to have been built by Henry de Gower, a 14th century Bishop of St David’s. The chancel is not in line with the nave but inclined to the south; there is a theory that this is a ‘weeping chancel’, deliberately built as a reminder to worshippers that when Christ was crucified, he leant his head to one side; or may simply mean that the chancel and the sanctuary were built at different times. The windows of plain glass allow fine views. The memorial slabs are of interest, the oldest being to the vicar, Rev Silvanus Prosser, who died in 1737. The tower has a saddle-back roof and houses a single large bell. Restoration work was carried out in 1876 and 1905, when the squire’s seat, in the form of a westend gallery, was removed from the nave. Registers date from 1718.

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If you are looking to stamp your pilgrimage passport for this church, the relevant stamp for each church is located in a box at or near the church door, or in some cases the box may be attached to a nearby tree or notice board.

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