St Gwynour’s, Llanyrnewydd

St. Gwynour’s Church, Llanyrnewydd, Penclawdd, SA4 3JH

The church is named after the Breton St Eneour and rebuilt in 1850 in the Gothic revival style, replacing a medieval chapel of ease. It is entered through the west end of the only spired tower on Gower, the lower part of which forms a porch. The predominant feature of the church is the striking east window. The church possesses a remarkable silver double-beaker chalice, open at both ends. It belongs to the Cromwellian period, bearing the hallmark 1657. It has been referred to as the ‘Leper cup of Llanyrnewydd’ as it was thought the lepers took communion from one side of it.
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If you are looking to stamp your pilgrimage passport for this church, the relevant stamp for each church is located in a box at or near the church door, or in some cases the box may be attached to a nearby tree or notice board.

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