St Illtyd’s, Ilston

St Iltyd’s, Ilston, SA2 7LD

The church derives from a 6th century monastic cell. The present church was largely built during the 13th century incorporating the cell in the base of a massive embattled tower with a saddleback roof. For the millennium celebrations the tower was re-opened into the church and the area restored as a simple but beautiful chapel. Other notable features include the burial niche in the north sanctuary wall, would have marked the grave of someone of note; possibly even Illtyd himself. Also the bells: two are rung, dating from 1716 and the third, dating from the 15th century, now lies inside opposite the entrance. The massive yew tree in the churchyard is believed to be as old as the church itself.
Open from Easter to the end of October. Telephone 01792 232928 or 371285.

For a more detailed history of this church, click HERE

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