St Mary, Pennard

St Mary’s, Pennard, SA3 2EA

A church which stood close to Pennard castle and whose remains can still be seen was besanded and finally abandoned in the early 16th century, so that St Mary’s became the parish church. However, the existing church has 13th century features such as an external window with dog-tooth mouldings, so which church pre-dates the other is not certain. An ancient water stoup serves as a font, with a carved Jacobean cover, and the pulpit is also Jacobean. Laudian dog-rails protect the sanctuary and the beam supporting the gallery may have been the medieval rood-beam. A beautiful stained glass window, the work of local artists, was installed to mark the new millennium. A tablet is dedicated to Vernon Watkins and another 20th century poet, Harri Webb, is buried in the churchyard.
The church is open daily until dusk, all year.

For a more detailed history of this church, click HERE

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