St Mary’s Rhossili

St Mary’s, Rhossili, SA3 1PL

The church was built by Anglo-Norman settlers around the year 1200, and has a saddleback tower. The doorway surround is a fine example of late Norman work, rare in Wales and unique in Gower. Being obviously altered at the apex, it is thought to have come from the original church in the sand dunes below the village, excavated in 1980 and covered over again. A scratch dial sundial can be seen on the left side of the arch. The nave contains several stained glass windows and memorials, including one to Petty Officer Edgar Evans, a Rhossili man who died with Capt Scott in the Antarctic in 1912. The chancel has a low side or lepers’ window, and the churchyard has graves with inscriptions going back to 1784.
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If you are looking to stamp your pilgrimage passport for this church, the relevant stamp for each church is located in a box at or near the church door, or in some cases the box may be attached to a nearby tree or notice board.

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